Working with Neal’s Yard Remedies

We are all online shopping now. Who knows when “non-essential” shops re-open and how that may work.

I have previously shared some of my favourite online shopping sites. One of them being Neal’s Yard Remedies and I’ll share a little more about why I love NYR and how you could have your NYR independent online shop too.

First of all, I have always been interested in using the most natural, organic, vegetarian and cruelty-free skincare. And I love essential oils. I used to work with many “high cosmetic” companies but the one I really connected with was Neal’s Yard Remedies. I used the products and choose their essential oils for my aromatherapy clinic. And then I started to work for them managing shops and therapy rooms.

Working closely within the company I truly appreciated that they walk their talk (compared to another “ethical and natural” company I use to work for). I was part of looking into how to better recycle. Visited the factory and generally, it is a very transparent company.

My path changed: I started teaching yoga, studied and later practised Ayurveda and continued with my aromatherapy full time. No more Neal’s Yard Remedies except I still used the products and the essential oils.

Then I learned about the opportunity to be part as an independent consultant

I know about multilevel marketing and direct selling. As a yoga teacher, I have been bombarded with “business opportunities” and I shut them right down. It’s not a business model I really like. It feels more like getting people to work for you rather than sharing the love for the products.

However, being an independent consultant with Neal’s Yard Remedies it felt different. First of all the company is not set up to make a profit from the consultants. It was a shop long before that was even an idea to create the consultants. It wasn’t based on creating big teams or getting cars and holidays as rewards of getting people to sign up.

Completely selfishly I signed up to get my essential oils cheaper. To get a discount for my skincare. But also because these are actually products I would like to share (as I used to in the shops). So yes, if you purchase from my shop here I get a commission without any extra cost to you – so thank you very much!

If you become an independent consultant you get the same benefits. Of course, I would love for you to sign up through my account. I don’t get anything from you signing up but may benefit on a longer-term. It isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme!

What the benefits for you becoming a Neal’s Yard Independent Consultant?

At this time people are buying online. They might just do it through your online shop… Or perhaps you create online shopping parties. Maybe you have a blog where you share the products you love and recommend.

Once we can be out and about you may hold workshops, sell at fairs or markets.

If you are a therapist you may use these products in your treatments and recommend them to your clients.

I’ll direct you to the website to get even more information here

If this is something you consider then please you my link – and if you sign up through me I’ll give you FREE access to my online Essential oil course too.

I could share more about being a consultant and the products but for now, have look via my shop link to see if it’s for you. There is plenty of training too if you don’t know much about NYR or about how you can actually use this as a business opportunity. I will remind you that any business takes a lot of time, dedication and persistence to flourish. Yet, there is no pressure on just how you choose to use your webpage. For you as a therapist or starting to create a bit of pocket money, part-time work or creating it into a full-time business.