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Thank you for your interest in Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR) and the potential of being an Independent Consultant.  Join me here – its an amazing opportunity for a full starter kit at £60 – special offer.

PLUS you will get FREE access to my Essential Course worth £25 (when you sign up through my personal link)

I am very happy to share as much as you like! Please send as many questions you have my way to info@yogaembodied.com 🙂

A bit about my background: 

I used to work for them as a manager in some of their shops and therapy rooms and still use their products. I love them because they are natural, many are Soil Association stamped Organic (the biggest selection from any one company), fairtrade, GM-free, vegetarian and cruelty-free

NYR was created as a shop in Covent Garden by one woman who was, and is, passionate about natural health and skin care. Since then the shops have opened up across the UK and abroad too. But the company remains a family business in the UK. 

Being an Independent consultant is a way where you can be part of this amazing company – but as full or part-time as you want. Or perhaps simply use the products in your treatments if you are a therapist.

Being an Independent Consultant means you can:

  • use the 25% discount for your own use 
  • get 25% as commission when selling products
  • Get more discounts and bonuses depending on sales
  • For yoga teachers/workshop leaders: use the products in your workshops/classes (e.g. room sprays, aromatherapy candles, essential oils and roll-ons)
  • Therapists use your 25% discount for therapy sized products, essential oils etc.
  • Host events where you sell the products. You get order forms where the host and guests write in their order – you order it online and get the 25% commission + any bonuses/gifts.
  • The host also receives a gift
  • Sell the products on fairs and stalls
  • Make it an extra/sole income stream 
  • Create a team of other consultants

Here is the link to sign up: https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/ANJALANGE/area/become-a-consultant/

PLUS you will get FREE access to my Essential Course worth £25 (only when you sign up through my personal link)

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Training + support

What I really like is that they do amazing free training (not just in London!). Plenty of online support with a private supportive Facebook group. PLUS you will get FREE access to my Essential Course worth £25 (when you sign up through my personal link)

If you join through me you will be under my “leader” who has a super supportive facebook group and sends out educational and inspiring emails with training and introducing you to the company gradually (no spam – no pressure). She also worked at Neal’s Yard Remedies head office before becoming a consultant (and now team leader).

There is NO MINIMUM monthly sales or any pressure at all. They are used to people who simply love natural products, yoga teachers or therapists who want to use it for their treatments or personal use. To have the account staying active you must make orders of £80 over 11 months.

I have attached PDFs of the regular Starter Kit at the bottom of the page. This pack has everything you need to set up a business at £95. And include your own webshop.

Please do send any further questions – there are no stupid questions 😉

If you want to sign up here is the link: https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/ANJALANGE/area/become-a-consultant/


About the starter kit

The starter kit is essential to start as a consultant. It gives you products you can try out and use as “testers” for your potential parties and events. It also gives you order forms, leaflets, brochures. All this you can order in your own time too for future events. But it’s plenty for you to get started. After that, you simply order what you need included samples.

Business opportunity:

The regular starter kit of £95 is excellent. It’s worth more than £200 in products alone. So even if you are just looking at getting your self a cleanser, moisturiser and eye gel it’s worth it! But basically, you have everything including your own webshop to start your business.

Right now you have a special offer of £60 with the Bee Lovely offer.

Enjoy the week,


More info + join here: https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/ANJALANGE/area/become-a-consultant/

Info here: https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/ANJALANGE/area/become-a-consultant/

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