Online offerings

We can still meet up and be face-to-face via Zoom. Send me an email ( if you are interested in booking an online consultation.

First appointments can last up to 75 minutes at £75 (consultations)

Follow-ups allow up to 60 minutes for £70 // Private yoga at £70

Online appointments available:

Yoga: private yoga sessions, mentoring for students

Therapies/consultations: based on my training, experience and education as an ayurvedic practitioner (BSc, PGDip), experienced yoga teacher (incl pre- and postnatal), clinical aromatherapist, pelvic steam facilitator (aka vaginal steam) and women’s health practitioner.

Please note I am not sending out herbal blends at this time but refer you to reliable high-quality distributors for you to purchase herbs to blend yourself with your personalised recipe. 

Please email me directly to book on

For individualised treatment plans and guidance I am offering specialised services to facilitate space for health, healing and wellbeing. Based on my 2 decades of healing arts and education. From clinical aromatherapy and reiki to a BSc and PGDip in Ayurveda. Extensive training and experience in yoga specialising in pre- and postnatal yoga. Creating teacher training courses and training as a doula. Facilitating Rite of the Womb and women’s and pelvic floor health practices within these fields.