Anja is a wonderful yoga teacher and her classes are always a great mix of challenge, fun and relaxation. I attended her pregnancy classes all throughout my pregnancy and I feel like they really helped me prepare for labour and childbirth. I highly recommend her

— Linda

online yoga

Monthly membership or zoom

Wed 6-7:15pm Shakti Flow

Thurs 12-12:40pm Pregnancy Yoga

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  • Shakti flow is not a prenatal class. However, if you have an established yoga practise. No pregnancy-related concerns you can still join. The flow in this class is modified to the stronger pregnant body.
  • The monthly membership gives access to all recorded live classes, several pre-recorded longer sessions as well as full access to my online pregnancy yoga immersion.

one-to-one / privates

Personal training

We are all unique. In a private yoga session, we work with your body, your aims and goals. We modify, adjust and encourage.

Pregnancy and postpartum are such special times in a person’s life and we will create yoga and breathing that supports you. As an ayurvedic practitioner, clinical aromatherapist and working with pelvic health we can include these modalities into the session as well as any questions you may want to discuss.

The wonderful possibilities of a private session are that it’s all about you.

And I, as an instructor, can focus on your alignment and energy.

Currently, all yoga sessions are via Zoom.

Allow one hour at £70.



Monthly Membership: £20-£30/month which includes recordings + additional prerecorded classes and inspirations. Details + join HERE

Individual classes: 1 hour flow class £10 / prenatal 40 min £5 book Payments via Paypal Here

Private / one-to-one: via zoom or in-person have a look here

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pregnancy yoga

Open for all levels this prenatal yoga class will move you through yoga poses to create strength, stability, and flexibility to support your pregnancy journey. Not only physically but also providing techniques to encourage mental and emotional wellbeing.

The class includes pelvic awareness, alignment, and pelvic floor practices as well as preparing for labour, birth and postpartum recovery.

We use breath awareness and relaxation to reconnect to our body and rest.

From 14 weeks until birth (after first scan + ok’ed by a health care provider)

shakti flow yoga

Embracing the feminine cyclical flow. This is NOT a pregnancy yoga class however it is open for all levels including pregnant yoginis with an established yoga practice and no pregnancy-related physical concerns are very welcome⁣. If you are used to coming to my classes and also pregnant you are welcome. I do recommend also joining the prenatal classes (join the membership to access a library of classes) so you can adapt when needed.


I found the things I learnt at your pregnancy yoga sessions (in addition to gas and air and a pool birth) really helped to keep me calm and focused. I really want to thank you so much for that.

I would highly recommend your classes as a way to learn to relax during the very long 9 months and also as a way to prepare for birth.

There are so many incredible benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy. Getting to know your body, how you like to move, to flow… where you may have tension and how you can release it. Where you may need more stability.

Understanding the pelvic floor, preparing for labour and birth.

Having an embodied practice not only support balancing the physical body but also the emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

There are numerous of peer reviewed studies on the effect of yoga on pregnant women.

  • “An integrated approach to yoga during pregnancy is safe. It improves birth weight, decreases preterm labor.”
  • “Yoga… was found to have a shorter duration of the first stage of labor, as well as the total time of labour”.
  • “Yoga reduces anxiety, depression and pregnancy related uncomfortable experiences”.
  • “Prenatal yoga significantly reduced pregnant women’s stress and enhanced their immune function”.
  • Another “review suggest that clinicians may consider recommending… gentle physical activity and yoga-based interventions, for pregnancy-related low back and pelvic pain and related symptoms”.

This is just a small portion of research on yoga for pregnancy. But the most important thing is you actually practising, getting on the mat, breathing and being in your body.

Please check with your health consultant if you have any concerns.

postnatal yoga

We are currently offering a selection of postnatal yoga via the membership. Once you have the ok to start exercising again I highly recommend joining the Buff Bones classes to support pelvic and core stability.

Postnatal yoga focuses on the healing and recovery for the new mum. We learn to reconnect to the pelvis and pelvic floor. Create deep core stability as well as release the tensions and strains from pregnancy, birth and adjusting to having a new baby/babies.

The yoga session provides a much-needed opportunity to nurture the new mum – physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is also a welcoming accepting space where all new mum and babies are welcome. 

They have definitely been an important part of getting myself back to normal after giving birth.— CAROLINE

The class is for mums and babies (6 weeks after birth/8 if c-section – please check that you are healed and ready to go with your GP) until crawling. Please provide own blanket/toys for baby/babies.


Time off work for yoga?

Women in full-time employment are entitled to paid time off work to attend yoga classes (included in ‘antenatal appointments and relaxation and parentcraft classes’). For further details please visit:

Why 14 weeks?

The first trimester is a time for the body to get used to being pregnant. There are plenty of hormonal changes (sometimes manifesting as nausea, heartburn, tiredness) and it is also the time where the body will either accept the healthy foetus or if something isn’t right our bodies will reject it. If this is the case it usually happens around 7-12 weeks. Exercise, or yoga, will not be the cause of a potential rejection/miscarriage but no one would want to have that association or concern. Especially if you have a history of repeated miscarriages or have had IVF treatments. HOWEVER many women enjoy continuing with their regular yoga practice. If that is the case please let your yoga teacher know. I have happily had my existing yoginis in my classes (flow and prenatal) from conception to until their waters break!

About Anja

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2005 (first graduating in 1998) and soon started to specialise in women’s health, pregnancy and postnatal yoga. My passion led me to co-create, teach and be the course leader on a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course in London for several years.

I am delighted to update and give birth to this new Prenatal Course certified by Yoga Professionals UK.

Teaching is a never-ending journey of research, training and practice. I am continuing my professional education being an Ayurvedic Practitioner (BSc, PGDip) which inform my yoga teaching and my approach to pregnancy yoga, specific pregnancy and postnatal trainings with Shiva Rea, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Birthlight and Claire Missingham. Completed various courses including a doula training with Michel Odent and Female Pelvic Floor Training for Birth and Wellness Practitioners.

I have offered classes and private sessions in exclusive spas and members clubs in Chelsea and Knightsbridge to hip studios in East London and community rooms South of the river. Now I am based in Worthing and share my passions by the sea and travel to London once a week to share yoga and prenatal classes.

Yoga is such an empowering tool during the journey to motherhood. To prepare for pregnancy, during pregnancy and postpartum. To see a woman feeling more confident, trusting her body and getting stronger, stabile yet more flexible in both body, mind and emotions through her yoga practice is why I love what I do.