I am really delighted to share some online offerings. Courses include yoga classes on video and audible recordings and specific programmes on both yoga and ayurveda.

Join me wherever you are as long as you have online connection.

Visit yogaembodiedonline.com for more details of online yoga and ayurveda.

Detox And Rejuvenate Immersion

Anja Yoga4 weeks to reset your digestion, beat the bloat and rejuvenating self care practise

In this online portal you will get daily guidance on how to reset, detox and rejuvenate to feel radiant and glow again. Finally beat the bloat and balance your weight.

We will explore the ayurvedic and yogic principles behind detoxification and rejuvenation. More than 4 hours of Yoga to download or stream.

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Pregnancy Yoga OnlinePregnancy Yoga Online

Over 3 hours of pregnancy yoga (and some postnatal yoga as a bonus) is now ready to stream or download.

The videos vary from 10, 15 to 30 minutes and you can mix them around. This means you can simply enjoy a short 10 minutes breathing practise, shoulder release or pelvic floor session. Or add them together for a one hour+ yoga class.

17 videos and over 3 hours of Pregnancy Yoga for all levels.
You can mix and match to create yoga sequences to suit your lifestyle and energy.

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Yoga For Health & Happiness

Yoga for Health and HappinessBalancing the 5 elements with yoga for physical and emotional health and wellbeing

A total of 10 yoga on demand online yoga classes

Through yoga and it’s philosophy of the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) we learn how to create balance, health and happiness in body and mind.

Enjoy a total of 10 yoga classes: 5 long (40-50min) online classes, 5 short (15min) sequences and 5 introduction videos. Practise each as many times as you like!

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Anja at homeLive Classes And Yoga Nidra Audible Downloads

Listen and practise to live classes and relaxing yoga nidra through Audible yoga.

Join me and a host of other teachers for our recorded classes and listen whenever and wherever. Continue to Audible Yoga and please make sure you use the teacher code ‘753’

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You Tube and Free Online Yoga

A few free practises to play around with or inspire your practises.

Yoga Videos

Yoga Audio Classes