My favourite online shopping for organic and ethical wellbeing

Since we are all self-isolating and doing most of our shopping and communication online I wanted to share some of my online shopping resources.

Neal’s Yard Remedies

for natural organic vegetarian skin/hair/body care and essential oils

I love this brand and used to manage some of their shops and therapy rooms. And I am still a loyal customer.

I specifically love the essential oils which are generally soil association certified organic or wild grown – as plants should be! High professional standards for aromatherapists as well as anyone else.

My skin care has been NYR as for a long time. I use one of the face washes, face oils and usually also one of the moisturisers. (Generally shifting between the Rose, Frankincense and Orange Flower ranges)

I continue to use and sell Neal’s Yard Remedies products through my webshop here. It’s part of NYRO Independent Consultants which you can join too.

Here you can have your own webshop, host (online) parties, use the products in your treatments or for yourself. Obviously there are great benefits such as discounts/commissions and other bonuses. Learn more about how to join me here.

Sustainable clothes

I used to get a lot of yoga leggings… but now I am a bit more restrained. However, since I discovered bamboo material I am definitely addicted. It is the softer material ever. For yoga leggings, sweatshirts, sock, underwear…

Bamboo is also one of the most sustainable and ethical materials you can use for clothes. It grows super quick and doesn’t require as much water as cotton.

I now get most of my clothes from BAM’s online shop here. (SALE on at the moment!!!)

Organic menstrual care

I am a sensitive being so just like I prefer natural organic skincare and bamboo clothes I also prefer organic and sustainable products when I’m on my period. I use TOTM which is organic, even tampon applicators and wrappers are in paper (no plastic!).

I also like WUKA period pants – total game changer when it comes to comfort during your period.


A quick summary 

Browse Neal’s Yard Remedies

Become a Neal’s Yard Remedies Independent Consultant

Shop bamboo clothing

Organic TOTM menstrual products

WUKA period pants


Please note: some of my favourite products have a commission or affiliate link. However, I only share what I truly use and would honestly recommend.