As I am preparing to head off to host a Yoga, Ayurveda + Culture Retreat in Sri Lanka here is an offering for those who won’t be joining me. (Yes, you can still get that last minute flight, book and  join me here). Thank you Sally for contributing this feature.

How To Organise a Stay-At-Home Yoga Retreat

Research has found that staying active while on holiday is important for 82% of people. As fitness has become a priority for holidaymakers, going on fitness and yoga retreats has become very popular in recent years. The same research reveals that the number of Brits planning a fitness holiday has doubled in the past year, with 17% booking a fitness holiday to focus on their well-being. While investing in one’s health is always a wise move, it cannot be denied that going on yoga or fitness retreats can be expensive. This is why if you want to have the experience of a wellness getaway without the cost of airfare, lodging, meals, and admission fees, you may want to consider organising a stay-at-home yoga retreat for the weekend.

The costs of going on a yoga retreat

If you’re planning to go on a yoga retreat anywhere in the UK, expect to spend anywhere from £295 to £448 for your stay. This amount will get you 2 nights’ stay in shared accommodations, two to three yoga classes a day, and three meals a day. Staying at any of the top spiritualist or yoga destinations around the world can cost even more, with plane fare and other travel costs not included. If you’re concerned about your health, you could always continue taking classes at your favourite yoga studio, which is the perfect complement to organising a yoga retreat in your home.

Create a schedule

Schedule your at-home yoga retreat from a Friday evening through a Sunday afternoon. Invite a few friends to join you and tell them to block off their weekend for some yoga, meditation, healthy meals, and downtime.

Plan the retreat

Make a list of activities that you and your friends will follow just as if you’re on a weekend yoga getaway. Have a set time for yoga, meditation, and meals. Also list down a few rules for the stay-at-home retreat, such as no smartphones, social media, or television for the weekend.  

Create a calm and serene space

Create a space in your home where you’ll have some peace and quiet while you do yoga with your friends. Adjust the lighting, light a few candles, and check that the temperature is just right for doing yoga. You should also lay down a few yoga mats to give the space a “yoga feel.”

Prepare healthy meals and snacks

You and your friends can take turns being in charge of meals. You should plan your menu a few days before the retreat and shop for everything that you need at least a day before. You can opt to go vegetarian for the weekend, and have some light snacks throughout the day such as vegetable sticks, yoghurt, nuts, fruit, and cheese. Skip the alcohol this weekend—instead, have lots of fresh juice and water for your yoga retreat.

Have at least two yoga classes a day

Plan to do one yoga session in the morning, and another in the evening. You can go online and check YouTube for yoga classes and complete one class per session. If you or one of your friends can lead the others into doing yoga poses, you can do that for a more authentic yoga retreat experience.

Follow these tips to organise a stay-at-home yoga retreat. Spending the weekend focusing on your health will energise and revitalise you and give you ample time to take care of your well-being without spending a fortune.  

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