We are exploring the journey of the lunar cycle manifested as the feminine womb and menstrual cycle.

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In this blog, we discussed why we bleed and now we are learning what happens when the inner winter of menstruation becomes spring.

Feeling good in our follicular phase

Springtime is when everything starts to grow, to flourish and bloom. In our womb, this happens after the hibernation time of winter, the shedding of the uterine lining and blood. We have rested and rejuvenated. Now it’s time to shine!

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Physically the endometrium starts to thicken again. As the follicular phase continues and the first follicles mature they produce oestrogen. As oestrogen increases, we start to feel more optimistic, motivated and perhaps even more sensual. Oestrogen peaks as we ovulate around day 14.

In Ayurveda Kapha Dosha has similar qualities: of building up, growth, fluidity, unctuous, sensuality, stamina, endurance – when balanced. It is also the nectar and juiciness of fertility and sensuality.

Best time to plant seeds of manifestation

Both our hormones and our Doshas are instigating the potential for pregnancy at ovulation. We are not just talking about babies: These springtime energies inspire us to take on new projects, where we can birth new ideas and creative ventures. It is similar to the growing or waxing moon – getting more and more potent for magickal manifestations.

When we finally peak at ovulation, there is a spark of fire – of Pitta Dosha. The energy of ambition, focus and where we can do anything. It’s summertime on an energetic level. The ovulatory phase is also when testosterone starts to surge. Libido, strength and self-assurance get an increase with both testosterone and oestrogen peaking.

Full moon and ovulation

The actual ovulation time is like the full moon. Growing full and abundant. It shines with the cooling light of nectar or soma.

As we start to move towards the waning moon and luteal phase things start to change again. We are continuing to explore our premenstrual phase and our inner autumn over on this blog.

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