The thing is… although our bodies are intelligent they also do what is easiest. If we have tight hips, glutes and hamstrings or our IT (iliotibial) band is tight or perhaps weak we will probably compensate. Joints that moves easily and are very mobile will also compensate for those restricted joints and muscles. On top of that our ego wants our “poses” to look deep and advanced.

One place we often neglect to stabilise is our pelvis

We can swing our pelvis around but the surrounding muscles like the IT band, glutes, hip flexors, hamstrings, adductors are often weak and tight. So we compensate.

On top of that many of us have over time started to create “bad habits” and our pelvis has been misaligned.

Let’s create space and stability

In this video, I talk about how we can explore our pelvic alignment again and how you can use this simple technique in your daily routine to stabilise your pelvis and create better structure in your yoga practice too.

Want to learn more about your pelvis?

This is what I teach in the online course.

💎 You get videos with different practices. Most are gentle yoga-based focusing on the pelvic floor as well as associated muscles. (And you are welcome even if you have never done yoga before).

💎 You get downloadable audios with pelvic awareness meditations and pelvic floor exercises. Now you can practise anywhere and anytime.

I will teach you about your sacred anatomy on videos and in text. And of course, there are some self-care bonuses as well!

💎 You will get:

> 12 pelvic floor practise videos based on yoga most are 6-14 minutes but also 3 longer 20-35 minute yoga flows

> 6 downloadable practises including pelvic bowl meditations and yoga nidra/relaxations

> 14+ videos on pelvic floor anatomy, discussing our sacred pelvis, introducing the course and important health and self-care practises.

💎 Additionally, we have some juicy BONUSES which include yoni health in daily life (my personal recommendations), aromatherapy and a special Chi Kung practise.

💎 You can do this in your own time. There are no time limits. You work with your body as it is. Getting reconnected and bringing your awareness back to your sacred pelvis and pelvic floor.

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