Pelvic and pelvic floor care

The pelvic floor is our foundation and our roots. It supports and stabilises us. And should be flexible and relaxed too.

Unfortunately many people, especially women, experience complaints when it comes to the pelvic floor and pelvis structure. This includes pelvic pain, painful sex/intercourse, incontinence, weak pelvic floor, scar tissues after trauma including birth, excessive tightness and postural issues.

When you learn about pelvic health and techniques to strengthen and release the muscles you might be on your way to creating balance again.

This is my absolute passion. Many people live with pelvic complains that potentially could be rectified but have learned to just live with it, been too shy to ask questions, wear an incontinence pad when one issue might be to learn to relax or strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, thought it was normal or if you are pregnant or a new mum presume incontinence or painful sex is normal (it’s not – it’s common and in most cases can be changed).

Pelvic wellness

Pelvic floor and pelvic stability education

Learn techniques and exercises to strengthen, stabilise and release tension at the pelvis, pelvic floor and abdomen. This is absolutely essential for a new mother regardless of her birth (vaginal or c-section).

Recover your pelvic floor, understand abdominal separation (diastasis recti) and gain back your health.

Includes consultation, yoga-based practises and can also include learning palpation/massage to release tension around the pelvis. (No internal work).

First appointments can last up to 75 minutes at £75 (consultations)

Follow-ups allow up to 60 minutes for £70 // Private yoga at £70

Pelvic steam

The practice of herbal pelvic steam baths has been used through many cultures and traditions as part of feminine healing.

Our consultation will define which herbal blends will be suitable for you and your healing process. I will create the blend and post them to you with full instructions.

First appointments can last up to 75 minutes at £75 (consultations)

Follow-ups allow up to 60 minutes for £70 // Private yoga at £70

Please visit this page to learn all about pelvic and vaginal steam.

Pelvic health online

In this online course, you learn about your pelvis and pelvic floor.

Through guided videos and audio you learn to: establish an awareness of the pelvic bowl, release tension and create stability and strengthen.

We will also explore a bit of practical anatomy, enjoy yoga based practices and meditations.

All in your own time and in the privacy of your own home.

Learn more about the Sacred Pelvis course here.


Venue + booking information

To book: please email me at

Venue: Online via Zoom

T&C: Please note that there is a strict 24 hours cancellation notice for all bookings. Full fee has to be paid if a cancellation or change is made within this time. To cancel or change confirm by emailing

Always ask your health care providers consent and inform me of any medical conditions, surgeries or medications.