Period selflove and kindness to our vaginas

I am all about organic. Organic food, organic beverages, organic clothing and organic skincare. It’s better for us, the environment, the planet and the inhabitants of the World including plants and animals.

So when you have a choice to use organic that’s what I choose.

This includes what I use when I am on my period.

Maybe specifically around my period because our vulva and vagina are porous and highly absorbent. There is no way I want microplastics, bleach or other toxins near mine. Manufacturers are not required to share all information about what in their pads or tampons. And sadly many do contain harmful material and a lot of plastics too.

Instead, I choose brands that are transparent about what’s in their products.

Be kinder to your vagina

With a motto like

Be kinder to your vagina

I found myself drawn to TOTM. They are organic, no bleach, no plastic, vegan and cruelty-free. (And, yes, certain large companies are owned by corporations that are big on animal testing…). TOTM tampon applicators are biodegradable cardboard. Basically, the products are biodegradable which is a bonus considering how much we go through during our life!

It’s an online delivery company (boxes fits through the mailbox) and even the packing is made from sugarcane rather than plastic!

Have you made a change from “conventional” to organic? Did you feel a difference?

I certainly do. I can’t use the big brands anymore. My vagina literally can’t breathe, it gets irritated and I get irritated. It just feels so uncomfortable on all levels.

So for another #selflove tip for you, your vulva, vagina and the planet please go organic!


Please note: some of the companies I love, use and recommend also have affiliate links. I only recommend products and companies I truly believe in and if they offer affiliate links there is no extra cost to you. But I might get a small commission – so thank you.