Menstruation and the moon phases

Our periods (literally “interval of time” or “repeated cycle of events”) are connected with the moon. From the new moon to the full vibrant moon. Waning to the dark before it once again fills up. A journey that takes about 28 days. Just like our menstrual cycle. Or our lunar cycle.

I go into great details on each phase of the menstrual (and lunar cycle) in our Feminine Cycles and Seasons online course on menstrual awareness, ayurveda and yoga.

Bleeding with the moon

Our monthly cycle starts with the first day of our bleed. This is day 1. Before our period the lining of the womb has thickened and been building up to potentially be the perfect cushioning to support and implement a fertile impregnated egg. So if pregnancy didn’t happen then we receive our period. Some of the uterine lining along with blood releases through the cervix and vagina. Our menstrual fluid.

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This is a time of release, letting go, cleansing and clearing. We generally like to be still at this time. Hide under a warm blanket and rest.

If we relate this to the actual moon it corresponds with the dark and new moon. The darkness of being more internal, introverted and rested. And the new moon for a new cycle.

Renewal and growth of the follicular phase

After our bleed, the endometrium, the lining of the womb/uterus, starts it’s a new cycle of building up again. Oestrogen increases. This hormone is a wonder woman hormone (although men have it too): it helps bone health, affects our brain including our mood, our sex drive and sleep patterns. And so much more.

This time of our cycle is like spring. And like the waxing growing moon. We feel brighter and more energised again.

Around the middle of our cycle, we ovulate. Depending on the length of your cycle this could be around day 12-16.

The ovulation is when a (or several) mature eggs are released from one of your ovaries. The egg is the full potential for a new life. For growth. It’s when a woman is generally feeling, and perceived, as more sensual, sexy, confident and glowing. Pretty handy if you want to become pregnant. This is when we are pregnant with potential.

The full moon glow and brightness share the same qualities of ovulation. Full and vibrant. Spreading her light, mesmerising like an ovulating woman.

We sometimes look at the bleeding phase = menstrual cycle. But our ovulation is super important. The ovaries send a signal to release more oestrogen, this stimulates serotonin, the so-called happy chemical. And we feel great and abundant. Like the full moon. Ovulation is also the catalyst for what will happen next.

Waning and introspection ~ pms

After the fullness of the moon, it starts to wan, little by little it gets darker in the sky.

Presuming no pregnancy has occurred our body also changes. Progesterone increases. It is thought to be soothing and calming as well as anti-inflammatory. It is a time where we start to look a bit closer to the choices we made when we felt all vibrant and positive. Now we can discern what actually serves us.

Then suddenly as the moon goes dark in the sky. We are at the end of our cycle, the soothing progesterone drops dramatically and we no longer feel calm. We feel. Serious feel. There is no longer any filter or bright light shining. We are in our premenstrual phase. Getting to truly see in the darkness of our shadows, getting to befriend our dark side – and perhaps start to honour and love her too. Listening and learning from the darkness is part of our cycle.

And then we wait for the release of our bleed. A perfect time to check in just how the previous month felt. How we took care of our self. Because that truly shows in your premenstruum and our moon. Then we take notes and start the next lunar cycle with love, compassion and honour our monthly rhythm.

My cycle is not like that!

No, most of us are much more irregular. We have longer or shorter cycles. It moves from new to full moon bleeds. It may change every month. So, start to follow your cycle, how do you feel? When are you glowing? When do you feel more introverted? If you are not cycling/menstruating or if you are on the pill or hormone therapy then align with your own feelings and energies – and then perhaps with the moon.

If you want to learn more about each phase of the menstrual (and lunar) cycle and how to track your cycle join our Feminine Cycles and Seasons online course on menstrual awareness, ayurveda and yoga.