Periods pants and organic period products

Seriously, period pants are just such a great invention. They are so easy to use and they feel very secure. I have been using a selection of WUKA period pants and the reason they work (according to the website) is that “Each pair of WUKA Period Pants has a super absorbent gusset made up of many layers. The middle layers absorb and lock-in the blood, whilst the outer, moisture-wicking layers keep you feeling secure and dry. Each of our leak-proof layers are very breathable to reduce any smells and chance of infection”.

Visit WUKA here to have a look and learn more 

The number one question is…

How do I clean my period pants?

It’s very simple. Just rinse them after use. I generally rinse them when I have my shower. And then pop them in the washing machine. Wash at 30-40 degrees (no fabric softener). You can hand wash too but who has time for that? 

They can take a bit of time to dry. Start drying them inside out and then swop around if needed.

That’s it.

Organic period products

Period care has come a long way… From thick pads sliding around in our pants, through plasticky uncomfortable sensation on our sensitive vulva, plastic applicators and bleached fibres⁣.

Now I’m am happy to be able to choose organic cotton, non-plastic applicator (or no applicator), packed in compostable or recyclable packaging⁣.

⁣Something that actually feels comfortable for my body and the environment⁣.

I get mine by post through the letterbox via TOTM / time of the month. Get yours here.

⁣And this is why I use them (from their website):⁣ “We use sustainably-sourced certified organic cotton in our tampons, pads, and liners. To reduce plastic, we also use biodegradable cardboard applicators, in place of plastic or plant-based versions which can take 500 years to decompose, the same time as conventional carrier bags.⁣

⁣When it comes to packaging, we use compostable or recyclable packaging wherever possible.⁣

All of these products are made in the EU, in a facility that’s powered by renewable energy.”⁣

So I use a mix of both.

It depends on how I feel, my flow on that specific day and time and what I am doing.

I am just grateful that it is so much more comfortable for me and better for the environment now than it used to be.

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