Postnatal Wellness

The fourth trimester is a time for healing and recovery for a new mother. Often the focus is on the new baby/babies and the mother and her wellbeing are sadly often ignored. This includes her physical, emotional and mental health.

In many traditions, there are specific protocols for a new mother often including plenty of rest, massage and steam. Diet that’s easy to digest for the new mum. And of course rehabilitation of the pelvic floor.

Postnatal treatments

Pelvic floor and pelvic stability education

Learn techniques and exercises to strengthen, stabilise and release tension at the pelvis, pelvic floor and abdomen. This is absolutely essential for a new mother regardless of her birth (vaginal or c-section).

Recover your pelvic floor, abdominal separation (diastasis recti) and gain back your health.

Includes consultation, yoga-based practises and can also include instructions on palpation/massage to release tension around the pelvis. (No internal work).

First appointments can last up to 75 minutes at £75 (consultations)

Follow-ups allow up to 60 minutes for £70 // Private yoga at £70

Postnatal yoga

Prenatal yoga is yoga specifically for the pregnant body. It can incorporate pelvic floor practices, birth preparation, breathing techniques and general yoga practice.

First appointments can last up to 75 minutes at £75 (consultations)

Follow-ups allow up to 60 minutes for £70 // Private yoga at £70


Pelvic steam

The practice of herbal pelvic steam baths has been used through many cultures and traditions as part of postpartum healing.

Our consultation will define which herbal blends will be suitable for you and your healing process. I will blend your personalised herbal blend and post it to you with full instructions.

First appointments can last up to 75 minutes at £75 (consultations)

Follow-ups allow up to 60 minutes for £70 // Private yoga at £70

Please visit this page to learn all about pelvic and vaginal steam.

Postnatal ayurvedic consultations

When you have special health issues to discuss. The consultation incorporates ayurvedic postnatal guidelines, lifestyle and daily routines.

It’s the perfect first session to create your own postnatal recovery plan and can include postnatal yoga, pelvic floor education, pelvic steams and massage

First appointments can last up to 75 minutes at £75 (consultations)

Follow-ups allow up to 60 minutes for £70 // Private yoga at £70


Before you book








Any concerns?

If you had a traumatic birth or complications at birth or in your pregnancy, or any other birth or non-birth health concerns please make sure you discuss and get your health care provider’s consent that massage, yoga or pelvic steam is appropriate.

Specific contraindications

For pelvic steaming, there are certain considerations to take into account. Please visit this page to understand more about pelvic steam.

I will suggest coming for a consultation to understand and create a plan for your unique healing journey.


Caring for the mother






Why caring for the mother?

I am so passionate about the 4th trimester. Many women feel left out, forgotten or uncared for after birth. The focus is on the baby. But the mother needs caring for too.

There is a rise in postnatal depression and psychosis. Sometimes left unseen and untreated. If it reaches this stage please visit your health care provider immediately.

Many new mothers are also not asking questions. They live with a dysfunctional pelvic floor and incontinence because they believe it’s normal. Yet, have never been educated in what they can do to support themselves.

And new mothers get exhausted, tired, weary and teary. Achy from carrying baby/babies, breastfeeding and buggy.

But is there anything we, you, the community can help to support?

Coming for an appointment

Because of my extensive training in pregnancy and postnatal yoga and massage, aromatherapy specifically for prenatal and postpartum, doula education, ayurveda and pelvic floor work I offer an inclusive and holistic treatment plan. Specifically for you and your unique needs.

This is about mothering the mother. Healing not just for now but also for the future.


Venue + booking information

To book: please email me at

Venue: via Zoom online. For private yoga sessions in person at your home please email with your location.

T&C: Please note that there is a strict 24 hours cancellation notice for all bookings. Full fee has to be paid if a cancellation or change is made within this time. To cancel or change confirm by emailing

Always ask your health care providers consent and inform me of any medical conditions, surgeries or medications.