One of my favourite poses is the squat or malasana!

It opens the hips, creates flexibility in the ankles and feet, releases lower back ache… Energetically it supports the natural downward movement of Apana VayuApana is one of the five Vayus or directions of Prana (Life/Vital energy) and is responsible for elimination including excretion (urine, bowel movement – so excellent for constipation), menstruation, being grounded and stable, and in pregnancy for childbirth.
FMYoga Squat


Although this is often a pose associated with pregnancy it does come with a bit of a warning: If you have any pelvic girdle pain (PGP), Sacroiliac joint pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, low lying placenta and other pelvic issues it may be a little bit too strong.

I always recommend this to healthy women around their due window when baby is in the perfect position and mum and baby are well and ready to birth. Indeed, this is a possible position to birth your baby!

Thanks to Fittamamma for sharing the photo. I love that they actually create yoga clothes specifically for the pregnant body. Their tops are supposed to be like a “bra” for the bump – in case bump feels too heavy (too much apana!). For the pregnant yoginis you can get 10% off Fittamamma purchases with ADR014.