Premenstrual tension and Ayurveda

Before our period Pitta Dosha starts to increase according to the science of Ayurveda.

Pitta is associated primarily with the element of fire although it also has the flowing qualities of water.

Fire is about determination, focus, clear-sighted, ambition… We get hot-headed, less patient, and the fire of Pitta Dosha may make us feel more critical, angry and irritated. In excess, it is what we think of as PMS or premenstrual syndrome

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This is the perfect time to befriend our Inner Critic. Listen to her, acknowledge her. She has something powerful to tell you. Journal it, move it, express with dance or flow… Or perhaps punch some pillows.

The Doshas and PMS

If you already have increased Pitta Dosha you may feel the heat (physically and mentally). You literally get hot-headed and lose your temper much quicker. And you may get hot flushes and night sweats.

However, a Kapha prominent Goddess is generally much calmer and grounded in general. She might experience more bloating and breast tenderness. Perhaps more crying during this time.

Vata women may start to feel anxious, fatigued, can’t sleep and experience dryness and constipation. Most of us are a combination.

We are all different and depending on the seasons, where we live, our age and our general lifestyle these symptoms can change completely.

Our menstrual cycle is never one dimensional. What happens during our premenstruum and period often reflects what has been going on the rest of the month. And most likely patterns we had for years.

How can we create menstrual balance?

Acknowledging that we are all different. And just like the moon we too have different phases during our monthly cycle. This is what we talk about in the Feminine Cycles & Seasons Online course.

We can start to work with the powers of our phases and our body-mind rather than against our natural flow. Start to keep a journal. Note the time of the day of your cycle. How you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Then you start to notice your own personal patterns.

You see, Pitta is not just anger and heat. When balanced this is the time of your no-nonsense, clear sight and honest determination. Perfect to clear out, make space and get things done. Write the to-do lists, get organised and reflect on what you need to edit (edit out!) to create a more balanced cycle.

Learn more about your cycle in the Feminine Cycles & Seasons Online course. If you are curious about your cycle and want more personalised support I offer consultations based on Ayurveda, which may include pelvic steams and abdominal massages.