Self love for Valentine’s in Worthing + online

February is all about love. So I wanted to share some SELF LOVE practices for Valentine’s Day and for the rest of month, rest of the year and beyond.

This February I am offering £19 off all treatments at Laroma Therapies in Worthing as part of #selflove19. Please see below for the small print.

Please visit this page for all my treatments and how I might offer you support!

We are already inundated with Valentine’s offers, hearts and romance. But the most important part when it comes to love is to love oneself. If we do not appreciate and love ourselves how can we truly love another? How can we comprehend that someone else might love us if we can not love ourselves? And how can we embrace Universal love?

Every day this February I am sharing a little #selflove inspiration on Instagram and Facebook which includes information about the treatments and the approach I offer when it comes to self care, self love and wellbeing. 

My first post was about steaming

I am practising serious #selflove as I have a chesty cough so am inhaling essential oils, resting and taking it slow.



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🌸 P L A N T • M E D I C I N E 🌸 I have been steaming. I love the warmth and comfort the #steam brings. Total immediate relaxation. The muscles can #letgo of tension, the blood circulation increases bringing warmth, #oxygen and #health 🌹 . . Using #plantmedicine adds the properties of the plant material as well. . Steam #baths have been used for centuries – well longer than that – for their #healing properties. . . I have been using steam the last couple of days for two different reasons: . ➡️ Inhalation: here I usually use #essentialoils 🌱 letting the #steam carry the properties of the oils to my respiratory system. I am coughing (like so many others at this time) and the #aromatherapy is used both as an expectorant, antiviral, antibacterial and also to soothe. . . ➡️ #Pelvicsteam is one of my favourite ways to relax. And being exhausted from coughing this is a great way to bring the energy down and let go of some of my tensions. . I usually steam a couple of times when my #period has finished. As a way to maintain a healthy #lunarcycle but also to bring #awareness and #wellbeing to my #pelvicbowl ⭕️ . Here I never use essential oils. It’s way too strong for our sensitive #vulva and #pelvic area. I like using plant material. Either fresh or dry. Usually dry as it’s easier to get where I am. I sometimes use herbs for inhalation too – #chamomile is a classic! 🌿 . Steam is a way to bring the #plantpower to where we want it to go. Mucous membranes both in our respiratory system and vulva/pelvis are porous and absorbs very effectively. This and the increased blood circulation makes inhalations or #vaginalsteam so popular. . I got more blogposts on #yonisteams and it’s part of what I offer as a practitioner so do have a look at to learn more 🔻 . . #femaleentrepreneur #femininehealth #yoni #yoniverse #pelvichealth #wellness #wellbeing #healthy #ayurveda

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But it is not easy for me either. I am practising to really care for me. Like I would care for another loved one. A child, the husband, parent, friend… yet I easily get frustrated and irritated that I am not 100%, that this cough has gone on long enough, that it’s exhausting. It is so easy to get frustrated.

So I did another steam. This time my pelvic steam. I did it for two reasons. Firstly I like to do it as my period comes to an end. It’s good maintenance of our lady gardens, it releases any build-up of tension, I use herbs that are appropriate for my cycle and what’s going on with my general wellbeing.

But also it is one of my most relaxing #selflove practices. It relaxes the pelvic muscles where we hold so much tension. All that fight or flight including my irritability of not feeling great and not being able to teach or see clients.

For vaginal steam I never use essential oils – they are too strong. I use dried herbs (or sometimes fresh).

I also offer pelvic steams in my Worthing clinic and they are also offered for £19 off this #selflove19 month.

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the small print for our selflove19 offer in Worthing

This offer is only valid in February 2019 for appointments with myself on Monday evenings at Laroma Therapies in Worthing and applies to new customers only. Book via the booking system and use the code selflove19 Make sure you read terms and conditions before booking. If you book a pelvic/vaginal/yonisteam make sure you read the contraindications before you book.