We are using the term #SELFLOVE everywhere: on inspirational Instagram posts, magazine and blog post articles. I am using #selflove this February.

Why #selflove

I know it’s become a bit of cliche but most of us find it difficult to really love ourselves. We crave love from other people, our parents, lovers, spouse and friends. We want to be “liked” or “heart” on social media. And it’s all from the outside. That’s not selflove. Because no amount of likes, hearts or followers can make anybody content and loved. We have to start with ourselves.

I wrote about it on this blog post where I also discuss why I am sharing selflove for February on social media and in my clinic in Worthing – with a very special offer saving you £19 on my treatments.

Get grounded in yourself to love yourself

One way to really get to get grounded in loving yourself is getting connected to your roots, your creative centre – your pelvis!

I created the Sacred Pelvis online course for many reasons but one reason is to get really grounded and connected to ourselves and our creative sensual roots.

It’s important for all of us to learn about our anatomy and physiology and I also made a small FREE video course to get you initiated to your sacred pelvis. You can sign up here.

And below you can watch the very first video:

I hope that will ignite some love for your pelvis and for your self!

Learn about the complete sacred pelvis online course here.