Sweet dreams…

How did you sleep last night? How is your general sleep?

We are apparently lacking in sleep – generally. There is an epidemic of sleep deprivation and it is highly likely that you are part of this statistic. We might be tired but too wired to actually sleep and rest.

We all know how important sleep is and we are finally getting over the hype of being proud of just how little sleep we need to function. It’s no longer cool to boast about having only slept 4 hours a night because we are too busy with work, partying or living our life.

We might be tired but too wired to actually sleep and rest.

Living in a constant ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response is causing health issues.

We need sleep to rejuvenate, restore and for our body and mind to function optimally.

We need to get back to our ‘rest and digest’ response and create balance. This is why we learn techniques such as yoga and meditation. Or just taking time to be, to daydream, go out in nature.

Being rather than doing.

Another method to get your rest in or to support you during a period of insomnia is practising Yoga Nidra. This translates as Yogic Sleep. A specific guided way to completely relax where you stay awake yet let the body and mind restore and rest.

I have used this method from when I first started practising Yoga over two decades ago and it has helped me immensely. So much that I also wanted to study it further to share it with others.

All you need to do is to lie down comfortably, cover yourself with a blanket perhaps and be still. Remember to switch off the phone. And enjoy.

Here are a few recently recorded live Yoga Nidras I shared during my Morocco Retreat: 

Yoga Nidra 1

Yoga Nidra 2

Yoga Nidra 3

Yoga Nidra 4


Meditative and Restful Yoga Nidra

It is said that 40 minutes of Yoga Nidra is so restful is equates 4 hours of sleep. In all of the above recordings, I make sure to wake you up and get you back into your body so you can continue your day or simply switch off the computer and go back to sleep!

Yoga, Movement and Rest

Sometimes you might need to move your body and release some energy to actually rest and sleep.

Try this short Warrior Flow (10 minutes):

Or this 30 minutes flow:

And finally, enjoy this super chilled out practise (you will need blankets and cushions here):


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