Yoga is a way of life and mindful eating should be at the heart of supporting your practice. Soups have been at the centre of Ayurveda for centuries for good reason; their ingredients can be tailored to bring an individual’s dosha into balance; they can also cleanse and calm. The ideal yoga diet is light, hydrating and packed with fresh vegetables. The last thing any yogi should do is to overeat, which stresses the digestive system. So, what should you eat if you’re serious about matching your nutrition to your practice? Enter soup from stage right – a perfect way to ensure you respect your body.

Super good for you

When it comes to singing soup’s praises, there are almost too many health benefits to mention. For starters, eating soup is an amazing way of guaranteeing that you include loads of veg in your diet – and no yogi needs reminding how important that is. According to Ayurveda, soups are particularly good for the digestion as they feed the ‘agni’ or fire of your digestive system. 

Soup is better for you than juicing as it retains fibre in a way that juices don’t. Fibre plays a vital role in moving toxins out of your body, as it helps clean the walls of your intestinal tract. Fibre also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, meaning you’ll be less hungry throughout the day despite consuming fewer calories.  Because it’s food in a liquid form, soup keeps the body hydrated, which is crucial for optimal health. It’s light and portable, which works well for nutrition before or after practice. 

Food for thought

The sky’s the limit when it comes to recipe ideas – and different soups will fit the bill at different times of year and for different doshas. Many yogis stick to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle – something that is easy to cater for by souping using pulses and fresh vegetables. However, if you take a less rigid approach, you can include nourishing broths with beneficial nutritional properties. Bone broth is incredibly rich in calcium that occurs naturally in animal bones – making it an infection-fighting super drink.

There’s almost no end of variety in terms of combinations and flavours so you’re unlikely to ever get bored (you can chuck pretty much anything in). Remember, soups don’t have to be hot either; summer soups like gazpacho or a cooling cucumber, mint and yogurt concoction can be the perfect refreshing accompaniment to a day in the sunshine. 

Feeds the soul

Who doesn’t feel comforted by the mere thought of a soothing bowl of soup; it’s like a hug in a cup. Indeed, there is research that shows that soup has the power to lower stress levels and even repair cells in our bodies. There’s a reason why it’s dished out by Jewish mothers and to recovering patients – it’s nourishing, healing and heart-warming. 

There’s no denying it – soup is most definitely super.It can help detoxify and rejuvenate the body. Indeed, the very process of preparing soup can be meditative.If soup hasn’t been part of your regular menu yet then now is the time make the change and embrace it. Your body, mat and mind will thank you. 

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