Reconnecting to our womb wisdom to stay grounded

Perhaps it is just coincidence (but is there such a thing as coincidence?) or it is due to these completely new circumstances which we currently navigate. Circumstances that include fear, anxiety, uncertainty. The Earth and our World as we know it are literally shaking beneath our feet. And in these circumstances, I am once again drawn to truly and deeply connect with my own roots, foundation and base. For me, this is my womb. My sacred pelvis, pelvic floor, yoni (including the whole feminine reproductive system).

It’s nothing new for me. I am fascinated by and passionate about the pelvis and everything it contains. Both physically and energetically. I love lecturing about the pelvic floor in teaching training courses and yoga classes. I offer an online course in the pelvis and pelvic floor and another on menstrual cycle awareness.

I feel my womb. She wants my attention. Luckily not through period pain but just a sense of wanting to be felt and acknowledged. She wants to be honoured and listened to.

Womb wisdom and pelvic floor feedback

The female reproductive system offers us an amazing insight into our physical and mental wellbeing through our menstrual cycle. Our cycle may change when we are stressed or anxious. Even the colour and consistency of our monthly blood can change. We can read our cycle as a guide to our all over health.

Our womb space and pelvis are our roots and base. It is literally our foundation on a very physical level. Our pelvic floor holds our internal organs. It gives us support for our posture, digestion, breathing and reproductive organs. It even allows for elimination. As well as for sensual pleasure.

If we get into a fight, flight or freeze response our pelvic floor will be activated. If you get a shock you will tense up. If you want to run away from a situation the muscles of the pelvis will engage to get you moving. The trouble is that we rarely take time to shake that tension off. The build-up of tension will stay in your pelvis. No one wants to feel tense and pain so we switch off. Many of us have switched off our deep and sacred connection to our roots.

Sometimes we are not even aware of it. But we may be aware of other tension. Like grinding our teeth or tension in the jaw. So try this: Just notice your pelvic floor. Even your buttocks and inner thighs. Now clench your teeth really tight and squeeze the muscles of your face. Whilst tensing your face and jaw your pelvic floor will also tense. And how many of us have tight jaw muscles? A lot!

At this time, when everything seems uncertain (even more than usual), where there is collective fear, anxiety and pain foundation has been shattered or at least shaken.

Our womb is calling for our attention to listen deeply to her wisdom. To connect with our roots. To take a deep breath, to slow down, to get grounded and rooted. So as not to get carried away with the collective fear.

Womb wisdom practises

Here are some of the root medicine I have felt called to practise. Some have simply been part of my regular routine, others are companions I haven’t been practising for a while. All of them have offered their potent medicine to me and are practises I truly embrace and recommend.

  • Pelvic floor awareness. I talk about this a lot. In my blogs, in my yoga classes, in the Sacred Pelvis course. At the moment I feel we simply need to feel and connect with our roots. If we notice tension then allow it to release. Feel the breath on the pelvic floor. If you are unfamiliar simply rest your hand over your vulva as you breathe your natural breath and imagine or feel the waves of your breath here.
  • Pelvic steam (also yoni steam and vaginal steam). I know there is a lot of controversy about this. When I did my first steam I just felt so relaxed. I could breathe, I felt nourished, nurtured and a beautiful awareness of my roots. I studied and researched all about pelvic steaming. I agree that there is a lot of pseudoscience and some claims that truly don’t make sense. There are also plenty of testimonials of this ancient practise that completely makes sense. Steaming the pelvis relaxes the pelvic floor, it supports the blood circulation and it offers a gentle safe way to actually feel your roots, your vulva and thereby find a deep sacred connection.

  • Womb and pelvic bowl meditation. The simple practice of resting our hands over your womb space (just above the pubic bones) or even over your vulva brings a gentle supportive and caring reminder of your sacred womb. Allowing your awareness to travel to your pelvic bowl. Connecting with the pelvic floor, the different parts of the pelvis including outer and inner labia, vaginal canal, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries… let your mind and heart drop into your womb wisdom – and listen.

These are some of my favourite practices I enjoy to stay grounded. I hope they may bring some rootedness and stability to your experience of these strange times too. It may also be worth to start charting your menstrual cycle if you are cycling (or the moon cycle if you are not) to see your own shifts through the month.

Remembering that all is cyclical, forever changing and that you can choose to stay grounded during chaotic times. You can choose how to respond from a rooted place rather than react from a distressed and ungrounded situation.

Stay healthy and safe.

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