Stop and Smell the Roses

Daily aromatherapy rituals with essential oil skincare

The other day my husband came into the living room and I became aware of this beautiful, warm floral and calming aroma. The scent that arrived made me smile, it felt soothing – and it changed my mode. Just the aroma. Aromatherapy.

He had just used my rose body cream. 

It is so easy to simply slap on our body lotions, oils, face creams or cleansers. And not think about the benefits or even take time to notice the aroma or the texture. It becomes a habit. But if you, like me, use essential oil-based products we get so much more. We get aromatherapy.

Inhaling aromatics affects our brain. And therefore our mood, the chemical and hormones are affected by the aromatic molecules.

Aromatherapy is both the effect essential oils have physically as they are applied to the body through massage or in skincare. But it is also the effect they have through scent and the olfactory system. It is still a bit of a mystery how this works but we do know that it does. Inhaling aromatics affects our brain. And therefore our mood, the chemical and hormones are affected by the aromatic molecules.

Mindful skincare with love

Now, when I apply my rose body cream I do it with tenderness and love. I feel the soothing calming and balancing qualities of the rose essential oils. I am aware of the floral sensual scent and how it makes me feel loved and love.

My face wash is currently also a rose facial wash. Rose is calming, soothing and hydrating. It has the essence of 120 organic rose petals in every bottle. That feels pretty sensuous and luxurious making me feel like I get a soothing hug. 

After my face wash, I add a little rose facial oil into the palms of my hands, gently rub my hands and inhale. I now take time to take that moment to INHALE. Enjoying the moment of therapy… or aromatherapy. This way I get the benefits of the aroma by inhaling it – as well as applying it to the skin. This specific face oil is indicated for normal as well as dehydrated and sensitive skin. 

Roses, Frankincense and myrrh

My final daily essential oil aromatic skincare is my face cream. It’s based on another of my favourite essential oils: Frankincense. I also sometimes use the Frankincense face wash as it is more of a lotion and is cool and calming on both the skin and the mind.

The Frankincense Nourishing Cream is based on rejuvenating frankincense and myrrh essential oils which nourish, rejuvenates and replenish all skin types. It is clinically proven to moisturise for up to 24 hours and is extra rich, ideal for dry and mature skin. 

Inhaling frankincense is just an instant calm. It slows and calms the breathing. Used so often in spiritual practises so support a meditative mind. 

If we use skincare, then perhaps consider using natural based skincare, something that is good for you and the planet. If they include essential oils you’ll have the benefit of both the effect when applied on the skin as well as the olfactory system especially when you take the time to inhale, slowly, calmly and deeply. Even more therapy for you if you apply with love, tenderness and care.

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The products I generally use are from Neal’s Yard Remedies and I’m an independent consultant with them. The links to the products are through my associated webpage.