Summer Season Irritations

It’s finally summer. The sun is shining. All we want to do is be outdoors – all day. Except being outside gives you itchy eyes, watery and irritated. You start sneezing and the nose is running. Constantly. You just feel irritated and irritable. You’ve got hay fever. And for us in the cities we are coping with high levels of pollution as well.

I am still looking for the cure. And I have tried so much. Suffering with hay fever for as long as I remember I tried reflexology, acupuncture, various diets and supplements. Nothing has relieved the symptoms completely – and neither does any antihistamines I’ve tried.

But there are a few things I am trying out now that seems to make me feel better.

I am currently taking a quercetin supplement which also contains nettle and antioxidants. Quercetin is a flavonoid known to inhibit antigen- and mitogen-induced histamine release and is now been studied (see below for study) for the antihistamine properties for people with hay fever. Nettle is another plant often used for allergies.

And when I feel irritated I spray on Neal’s Yard Remedies White Tea Facial Mist. I keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. The mixture contain my beloved Bach Flower Essences too. Impatiens essence for irritability and, of course, impatience. And Crab Apple essence for feeling unclean or dusty – it is a essence of detox.

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What has helped you for your seasonal sufferings?


Quercetin: an inhibitor of antigen-induced human basophil histamine release. E Middleton Jr, G Drzewiecki and D Krishnarao, 

Photos by  myself + Unsplash

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