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Aligned and Neutral

by anjayoga

Aligned and neutral Last week we practised yoga asana with a mainly neutral leg position. What does that mean? Well, some of you had the pleasure of meeting my pelvic model. I rarely do a full discussion before we start the flow in regular classes (I save this for our longer workshops/cpds/trainings). But I do […]

Relaxing and Stretching during Pregnancy – video

by anjayoga
OM Yoga September 2014

Here is the third and final part of our little prenatal yoga class. In this 20 minute session we will take you through some very gentle but effective stretches to keep the body spacious and the mind calm. All you need is a wall/door and a chair. Yoga has many benefits during pregnancy. And can […]

A Flowing Pregnancy – prenatal sun salutation

by anjayoga

Pregnancy is the perfect time to flow and move. As the blood volume has increased, amniotic fluid surrounds baby and perhaps there is even water retention it’s a perfect time to embrace flow and fluidity. As Gabrielle Roth says in Sweat your Prayer:  “The teachings of flowing unfold organically in the dancing body. In this rhythm we sense […]

7 Signs of an Accomplished Yoga Teacher

by anjayoga

Thank you to Arielle for sharing this blog post with us. Finding a yoga teacher that you connect with is not so easy and may take a few tries. Arielle offers some ideas on what to look out for. By Arielle Nash-Degagne With yoga becoming so popular and studios popping up, all over staffed with […]