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Cool down with this yogurt drink

by anjayoga

I love lassi Often offered in Indian restaurants as a salty lassi, or chaas, sweet or, another favourite, mango lassi. Yummy. This drink helps if your food is just a bit too hot and spicy. Today is super hot and it feels like heatwave summer in London. So I decided that this was the perfect afternoon […]

Ayurveda resources

by anjayoga

Sharing Ayurveda tips I really enjoy sharing ayurvedic philosophy and simple techniques and tools for a healthier life. As soon as we understand the 5 Element Theory and learn how to implement it we can use it to create balance in: diet, yoga practise, activities, daily routines – LIFE. Book list for Ayurveda Here are […]

What do you choose to eat?

by anjayoga

  The body is constituted of food. Hence one should take wholesome food only after careful examination and should not indulge in unwholesome ones out of greed or ignorance. Charaka Samhita This is a simply Ayurvedic fact. We have full responsibility for our body as well as our mind and emotions. What we choose to […]