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Pelvic floor anatomy + awareness

by anjayoga

Pelvic floor anatomy + awareness Before we start our Kegels and pelvic floor muscles exercises, we need to become aware of our pelvic floor anatomy and it’s different areas. Don’t worry you, you don’t need to have tons of anatomy lessons. This is about experiential and practical anatomy.  Right now all you need to do […]

How often should I practise pelvic floor exercises?

by anjayoga

How often should you practise pelvic floor exercises? Although we might go (or have the intention of going) to the gym twice a week, practise yoga every morning or going for daily runs we never scheduled in time to exercise our pelvic floor. It is rarely part of any exercise regime. Except some practises which […]

The Sacred Pelvis and Creativity

by anjayoga

The Sacred Pelvis and Creativity It’s been a while since I have last posted a proper blog post. (Aside from previous personal blog post). But I have been busy writing. I have just launch a new course – all about our Sacred Pelvis. Online. With plenty of my writing. And with me discussing what I […]

What is the pelvis all about?

by anjayoga

What is the pelvis all about? I started writing this the day after International Women’s Day. And the two yoga classes I taught was full of wonderful women. In fact the couple of guys who had booked onto the evening class cancelled late afternoon. So it was a day celebrating women. I do love having […]

Pelvic floor – creating power, passion and relaxation

by anjayoga

Jade Pleasure + Sacred Pelvic BONUS If you choose to invest in Layla Martin’s Jade Pleasure (through my affiliated link here) I am offering you my Sacred Pelvis course for free*. The perfect companions to a holistic awareness of your pelvic bowl and yoni!) Pelvic floor – creating power, passion and relaxation I sometimes tell […]