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Pelvic Floor Awareness

by anjayoga

Why the pelvic floor muscles are so important ~ also in yoga The pelvic floor muscles support and hold our internal organs. And the pelvic floor is a foundation for our posture too. Everything is connected. If we have a bad posture, slouch when seated, not breathing properly then our pelvic floor is also affected. […]

Yoni Power and the Pelvic Floor

by anjayoga

A little while ago I posted a blog about Pelvic Power. In it, I mentioned a new product called Elvie. Today I want to share a little more about this intimate bluetooth-connected, pelvic floor-training device. Elvie (the product you can see above) is basically a pelvic floor and vaginal muscles exerciser. I am passionate about […]

Pelvic Power

by anjayoga

Finding your pelvic power How strong are your pelvic floor muscles? And when did you last exercise them? It was probably not included in your training programme at the gym, nor discussed in your HIIT class or circuit training. Possibly just alluded to in a yoga class as the mulabandha (which the teacher never explained). We […]