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How does Ayurveda work?

by anjayoga

The term ayurveda has started to pop up more and more: diets, massages, skin care and retreats. It may be the new buzz word on the wellness scene but ayurveda has been around for thousands of years. But what is ayurveda? Often translated as the ‘science of life’ it is the traditional Indian health care […]

Claiming my space – the element of Akash

by anjayoga

  The lightest element is Akash, space or ether. Space is an interesting concept. We can’t see it, touch it or feel it. But we sense it. There is energy in space, it contains and sustains everything and holds all. If balanced we may feel intuitive, light, meditative, find it easy to hold and sustain […]

Light as Air

by anjayoga

Air creates movement and change. This is the concept of Vayu or wind in ayurveda. Positive aspects of air is creativity, poetry, playfulness, having dreams and visions. Movement of our digestion, circulation and breath is associated with air. But if the air element dominates we might get exhausted, feel constipated, dry, cold, have no appetite, […]

Autumn comfort

by anjayoga

Autumn is Vata season in Ayurvedic philosophy. Vata and Autumn shares the qualities of movement, change, dryness, cold, light, changeable, quick and irregular. We have certainly seen very sudden irregular changes in the weather, the beauty of change in the colour of the trees, we are definitely feeling colder and there is movement as the […]