Being self employed and working for one self can bring up plenty of self doubt and challenges. It is also very rewarding.

As yoga teachers we love what we are doing. This is why we do it. Very few yoga teachers earn what you could easily earn in a “normal” job. But it can also create conflict: Doing what we love and charge for it. And also trying to make a living, making it a business that actually pays our bills.

One of the self care practises that works for me when I get overwhelmed or in doubt is tapping or EFT. It might first sound very woohoo and weird.

When I found Brad Yates I found my match (I think he is the only one I can tap with to be honest – everyone else just too something…). He has 100s of free tapping videos online. However I want to share a specific paid course he is offering in January.

Here is one of the videos from the course. Try it out with an open mind and feel what happens!


This is all online. One new tapping video a day. I did it last round and felt very inspired – not just in business but in my personal life too (that’s how it works. Everything is connected!).

(PS: this is a collaboration with a network marketing company I do not endorse. But I really love Brad and his videos and it works with all kind of work/business. So if you are a part of my Neal’s Yard Remedies team it will be fantastic, excellent for all yoga teachers or therapists. As well as any employed person too)

There is lifetime access, you can do any video as often as you like. Here is what you will tap on

This is the official list. Remember you get lifetime access to these tapping videos when you enrol PLUS four live mastermind and Q&A sessions with the host and Brad that you’ll also have access to forever where you can ask anything and do bonus tapping rounds if anything else comes up for you… Here is my link to join.

DAY 1: Not Feeling Qualified

DAY 2: Not Feeling Deserving

DAY 3: Worrying About What Others Think

DAY 4: Procrastination

DAY 5: Presentation Zone (smashing those workshops, events, videos and trainings!)

DAY 6: Fear of Being Pushy

DAY 7: Guilt About Spending Time and Money on your biz (and away from loved ones)

DAY 8: Fear of Failure, Not Feeling Good Enough

DAY 9: Fear of Talking to People and Convincing Them

DAY 10: Not Feeling Supported or Taken Seriously by Loved Ones

DAY 11: Fear of Being Seen/Public Speaking

DAY 12: Self Doubt

DAY 13: Self Sabotage

DAY 14: Doubt About Handling the Effort and Results

DAY 15: Fears About Finding People for Business

DAY 16: Not Feeling Supported By Your Team

DAY 17: Competition, Comparisons, and Jealousy

DAY 18: Doubts About Being a Leader

DAY 19: Fear of Success

DAY 20: Fear of Not Finding Good Builders

DAY 21: Fear of being too late and that the market is saturated

DAY 22: Frustration with parts of the job

DAY 23: Not seeing the results fast enough

DAY 24: Can’t rely on anyone else

DAY 25: Lack mentality and poverty consciousness

DAY 26: Afraid to start – perfectionism

DAY 27: Setting good boundaries with team members

DAY 28: Staying Committed

DAY 29: Trying too hard and anxiety about goals

DAY 30: Dealing with Disappointment

DAY 31: Dealing with other people’s imperfections

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So what is tapping/EFT (emotional freedom technique)

It is often referred to as ‘Tapping’ as it uses a two finger tapping process on acupressure points with a cognitive acceptance statement. EFT has been researched in more than 10 countries, by more than 60 investigators, whose results have been published in more than 20 different peer-reviewed journals.

This e-course will run from 1 January 2018 to 31 January 2018 and will contain 31 short videos on the most common belief systems that crop up in network marketing businesses and a tapping sequence to smash through these with Brad. But you can do it anytime and there is lifetime access.

Beliefs like I’m not qualified enough, I don’t know enough people, I can’t convince people, I don’t want to appear like a pushy sales person, I don’t deserve the financial rewards, I’m not a good enough leader…

I can’t book classes, no one wants to enrol, no one wants to build a business with me, I don’t know enough about business, comparing yourself to others, overwhelm, guilt… and SO MUCH MORE!

You will receive LIFETIME access to these videos and can play them back and tap along whenever you like, as many times as you like.

You will also receive 4 live Q & A sessions with Brad and Jessie and have the opportunity throughout each week to ask questions which will be addressed in these sessions. You can also watch the playbacks of these at any time.


This course is $222 Au Full Price for LIFETIME access to all 31 short videos and the four mastermind sessions with Brad and Jessie for you to watch at your convenience as many times as you would like forever.

This is incredible value given a private coaching session with Brad (which I would highly recommend and have regularly) is $425USD


Questions and signing up

If you have question about the last round you can contact me. And if you want to join this time then here is my affiliate link again: JOIN HERE TO TAP