Ayurveda training

As an experienced Yoga teacher and a qualified Āyurvedic Practitioner (BSc, PgDip) one of my passions is to share how to integrate the knowledge of āyurveda as a practical application for yoga practitioners and yoga teachers.

Several workshops, lectures and trainings available.

Trainings/lectures include:

The Āyurvedic and yogic view on the menstrual cycle

Understanding the phases of the menstrual cycle from an āyurvedic and yogic perspective and how to apply it to yoga.

Āyurveda for Yoga teachers
The basic principles of āyurveda and how to practically applyāyurveda in your yoga teaching and as self-care.

Energetics Module
Understanding the panchamahabhutas (five elements) throughāyurveda, the chakra system, koshas and energetics.

The Five Elements Workshops
Understanding the five elements (panchamahabhutas) through discussion and practical yoga classes.

Host or attend a workshop?
If you would like to host a training/workshop please contact me via info@yogaembodied.com and if you would like updates make sure you are connected through the newsletter.

About me

My training as an ayurvedic practitioner was a full-time Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Ayurveda at Middlesex University. The Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) included apprenticeships in āyurvedic hospitals in India.

I have countless hours of trainings and over a decade of teaching experience in yoga. The letters mean that I am a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance Professionals (formerly Yoga Alliance UK) which means I can offer CPD (continuous professional development) courses for yoga teachers. Through Yoga Alliance US I have (two) 200 hours certifications, a 300 hours certification with Shiva Rea in Prana Flow Yoga and hours of experience (E-RYT500) as well as qualifications and registration in Pregnancy Yoga Training (RPYT).