28th December

🌀 N O R M A L ? 🌀 today I wrote a Christmas email to my aunt in Denmark. I wrote about our Christmas. How things are… and were.

And reading my short email I was actually quite shocked.

As if it’s “normal” to be this isolated. To not see, meet and hug friends and family.

I was in Denmark to see my family literally just before the first lockdown in March. Little did we know…

And during #lockdown number 1 we were just here (me and the husband). It took a while to sink in. The first 2 weeks I pretty much did nothing. Then I started to enjoy and open up for online yoga. Created my monthly membership and creating more yoga videos.

Finally, we opened up again and a few friends from london came down to visit us – and the beach 🏝

We were so fortunate to go to Denmark again for my nephews confirmation/ nonformation party. Which was weirdly odd as Denmark allowed so many people together. And we had hardly been more than meeting up with a couple of people – outdoors.

I haven’t seen any of my extended family, my in laws, since this all began. Aside from zoom parties in the beginning of lockdown.

I miss them. Especially at Christmas.

So writing this email made me think. And I was shocked at how “normal” this new routine is.

Don’t get me wrong. Me and the husband are well – and enjoy time together. Having evening meals together (that didn’t happened teaching classes in town). I am happy to be more online with my yoga and seeing people from all over for yoga. I am so happy having a relaxed routine. No commute. Plenty of beach time. There is much I truly appreciate.

But it’s still not normal. It did make me reflect. I’m still digestion this realisation. Still considering what it means. And I truly appreciate what my extroverted friends feel. Those living on their own or feel lonely whether alone or with others.

How are you feeling? How are you coping with this time of “not normal”?