The Sacred Pelvis and Creativity

It’s been a while since I have last posted a proper blog post. (Aside from previous personal blog post).

But I have been busy writing. I have just launch a new course – all about our Sacred Pelvis. Online. With plenty of my writing. And with me discussing what I have written on video for those who prefer to listen. As well as video + audio instructions and practises on how to become aware, re-connect, release tension or stress as well as strengthen your pelvic floor and pelvic awareness.

It’s a passion.

You may know this because I have written several blogs about the pelvis (here, here, here here and here). If you have been to yoga classes with me. Especially prenatal or postnatal yoga. Or if you are a yoga teacher who has trained in yoga teacher training where I lectured on the pelvis.

Our pelvis is a power house.

It holds our internal organs. Our pelvic floor is supporting our bladder, rectum, sex organs. The pelvic bowl itself is part of our structure, our spine (the tailbone and sacrum). And is the link between the earth through our legs and the sky through the spine and crown of head. It’s our centre.

But what I really noticed when I started to focus on our pelvis was how much tension we hold here. We always talk about strengthening the pelvic floor. Tightening the vagina or mula bandha. But most people have either no awareness of the pelvis or already hold tension here. Plus what about all the associated muscles supporting our pelvic bowl. How strong and flexible are your thighs, hip flexors, glutes/buttocks, around your hips, hamstrings and the back and abdominal muscles?

If we tighten a muscle it has less blood supply. It affects the bones, structure and muscles around it. Tight muscles are generally pretty uncomfortable.

Have you ever had tightness and tension in your neck or shoulders?

Same thing. We wouldn’t start training to strengthen a tight shoulder. We would want to create flexibility, mobility and release first. And then find balance between strength and flexibility. Flexible muscles have better blood supply – more oxygen. They become healthier and stronger. They heal better.

How to heal the pelvis?

There is no model or system that works for every one. Because we are all unique and we all hold tension in different ways. And we are all more or less flexible. Or perhaps we lack strength and most likely compensate elsewhere.

So, we need to learn to be aware. Reeducate ourselves and learn to listen to our body. This is what we learn in yoga too. But in the online immersion you have time to really listen to your own body. The video and audio practises are short enough for you to explore daily. And also encourages you to start integrating this awareness into your daily life.

You become aware of your pelvic bowl. The reproductive system (this course is an education in the female organs – our yoni), the structure of the pelvis and of course the pelvic floor. Once aware you can start to release tension, release and let go. From here you understand where you need to create strength power and connection.

This is powerful for everyone. I am teaching here to the female body but everybody needs this awareness.

Disconnection, weak pelvic floor and incontinence

Perhaps you have reached the realisation that you have disengaged from your pelvic bowl completely. You don’t really have much sensation. No real awareness. Perhaps you were never educated about your pelvis, the bone structure or your organs. Maybe you have just had a glimpse of awareness during a sensual experience and want to feel more. On a physical or emotional level.

Many women experience incontinence and lack of sensation during sex and have no connection to the sacred pelvis – the space that could hold the key to balance and pleasure.

You might think about becoming pregnant and this is a wonderful way to connect with the pelvis, your womb and pelvic floor before your body changes.

Maybe you are healing as a new mother – or perhaps many years postpartum and is yearning to reconnect and strengthen the pelvic floor and womb space after your birth.

Your own awareness

Try to notice your own pelvis right now. Do you sense it? Feel the organs? The muscles? The bones? Can you distinguish different areas? Can you release and relax? Can you engage and bring energy to various parts?

So I have been busy creating from my creative space (the pelvis) to birth this course. And I am very happy to share these teachings with you all.

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