Are you enjoying this experience called life?

As I was promenading (aka going for my daily walk on the beach) a random person called out to me (is there such a thing as random?). He was sat on a bench rolling a cigarette (or perhaps a spliff) with a bottle of red next to him. And he asked: Are you enjoying this experience called life?

He asked: Are you enjoying this experience called life?

I stopped and wondered for a moment before answering. I answered along the lines that I was finding it challenging at the moment. There are ups and downs. But looking at the sunset, the quiet waves, the sky and the fresh air we agreed that Mother Nature is always amazing. The sunset was something to enjoy. This view was something to enjoy. The fresh air. The light on the sky and the light on the sea.

As I continued my walk along the beach and onto the pier I was struck by awe.

The beauty of Mother Nature is awesome in the word’s truest sense. I am in awe of Mother Nature.

I feel it in my heart. The awe and beauty. It is almost palpable.

I would say Divine in the way of Bhakti. Seeing the Divine in and as Mother Nature and knowing we are that too.

For the most part, I try to experience – without judgement (although I am as judgemental as anyone else), without labelling experiences “good” or “bad”. They are all experiences. Or sensations. I am on the continuous journey of being the observer of all these experiences, feelings and sensations. And sometimes I truly dive into them. Truly experience them. Yet again allowing and letting them be part of this experience we call life without judgement.

So I am grateful for this experience called life.

So I am grateful for this experience called life. Although it is sometimes very challenging I am grateful to have this experience. Having the opportunity to evolve, to grow, to learn. To wake up to a new day – alive and well. To have the choice to explore and be. And to navigate through it all: the good, the bad and the ugly (not that I am judgemental or labelling!).