Vaginal Steam: What is it all about and where to do it?

You can now enjoy yoni herbal steam rituals in Worthing, Sussex.

So why would you want to steam your lady garden in the first place?

Well, I first came across vaginal steams in my general interest in women’s and pelvic health. To me it just seemed like such a beautiful thing to do. I have a huge interest in pelvic floor health and having a herbal steam at the pelvis made complete sense. We know how relaxed we get when we go for a steam, sauna or enjoy a warm bath. Steaming your pelvic area to release tension and bring awareness to your pelvic bowl can only benefit us. Especially as so many of us are completely disconnected from this part of our anatomy – and energy!

In my ayurvedic studies feminine health treatments include yoni pichu which is administrating herbal oils into the vagina via “tampon” as well as uttara basti which are usually herbal infusions or oils. In many other traditions we learn about smoke therapy as well as yoni steams.

Yoni: the female reproductive system. Sometimes also referred to as the Source, Sacred Space

In fact there are reference to vaginal steams from cultures from South America to Korea, African countries like Morocco and Ghana to the Caribbean. And through Turkey to Bali*. It’s highly likely a practise our own ancestors knew about too.

It may be a time tested therapy used across the world – but does it work?

My first experience was in my local Red Tent (women’s group). And it was so relaxing. Not just at the pelvic floor, but I was breathing easier, I felt refreshed yet calm. We were in a group lead by Raya of who guided us in a meditation during the steam.

I then researched further and eventually studied to become a vaginal steam facilitator. The process was to explore various herbs and herbal combination. Both on myself and on my case studies. I created herbal blends to support my own menstrual cycle which in the past few years had increased flow, shorter cycle and more discomfort. The blend worked. After a few months my cycle started to lengthen, the flow lightened and I feel much better during my bleed.

For me it is a womb healing experience.

Most importantly the time when I steam is like a meditation, rejuvenation, and check in appointment with myself. Carrying a lot of stress and anxiety in my body this is a perfect way to release it. For me it is a womb healing experience.

Benefits of vaginal steam rituals

Women use herbal steams for many reasons: reproductive complaints, menstrual cycle issues, pms, fertility, postpartum healing, stress, low libido and general womb wellness. Most women report feeling immediately relaxed, grounded, feeling “clean” and refreshed. But the long term benefits are for supporting your womb, reproductive and pelvic health and thereby your overall wellbeing.

V-steams in Worthing, Sussex

Seeing a vaginal steam facilitator you discuss why you want to to steam, if you have any specific complaints and we find the right herbal blend for you and create a treatment protocol.

You then sit on a specially designed chair in a private treatment room. Here you can meditate, relax, read and take time for you. The perfect self care and self love ritual. After the steam it is recommended to stay hydrated, stay warm and stay relaxed. I use my additional training in ayurvedic medicine and aromatherapy to offer other supportive information on your individual healing journey. In fact you can extend your appointment to enjoy an aromatherapy abdomnial/womb massage and indepth ayurvedic consultation.

To enjoy your own herbal steam please see my treatment menu here and email me to book your very own yoni steam.

Pelvic herbal steams are the perfect self care and self love ritual.

* Research compiled at Steamy Chick