Stop and slow down

I think that is possibly the biggest lesson for most of us – to stop and slow down. Of course not all of us. I want to appreciate all the people who have kept working, perhaps even more intensely and stressful, during this time. Many of us had to stop. Stop working, or maybe still work but stop commuting. Stopped socialising. Stopped travelling. Stopped shopping, browsing and spending time in shops and cafes. Stopped rushing around.

We were suddenly forced to stop and slow down. We had an excuse (a very valid one) to do nothing. Or less.

It’s not necessarily easy to stop and slow down. But slowing down with an open mind and open heart is the perfect opportunity to simply BE. To rejuvenate, recover, replenish, contemplate. To heal. To revise how we choose to live our life. Because we all had to reset. There is no “going back to normal”. We are right now choosing our daily life. How do you choose to live?

We are right now choosing our daily life. How do you choose to live?

Of course, for many this creates anxiety. We have been self-medicating by being busy. Most likely unconsciously busying ourselves.  Self-medicating from feeling our feelings. From confronting our challenges. From being still. From our shadows, our pains, heartaches, traumas and perceived failures… Being busy, going out, social drinking, shopping, work stress, activities (for our own activities and our children’s) can easily be distractions from looking inwards.

Lockdown has given us an incredible opportunity to allow ourselves to feel and to be. It may not be easy. But it is part of our evolution and growth as human beings and as spiritual beings.

I am aware of the buts. Because as a self-employed person I feel some of those buts too.

What about money and finances. My work situation – does it even exist anymore? What about schools, seeing family, friends… especially those who are either self-isolating or when a loved one is isolating, ill, in a hospital or care home. The redundancies, the businesses are that no longer. I hear and feel all of that too. Yet, I am grateful for the lessons I am learning. Of evaluating how I choose to live.

As I am not commuting I take pleasure in my local surroundings. Enjoying walking (and swimming in the sea when it was warmer). We have time to make lunch at home. I am finally getting to grips with our expresso machine and making lattes at home. For the first time, me and my husband have evenings together. Having dinner together and able to just rest and watch telly. I am practising more yoga and exercise – for me. And that gives me even more pleasure and inspiration to share yoga with you too. I read and study. I write and reflect. I am face-timing with my mum most days (something she only learned as we came into lockdown). I also take time to be. To just be. Not doing… just being.

What are you learning at this time? And what are you challenged by?