I have always been very interested in protecting our environment. Recycled when possible, bringing my own carrier bags before we had to pay, collected batteries for special deposal and used organic and natural products when I could.

On the 8th of June it was World Oceans Day. A time to contemplate how to care for and honour our oceans.

Being a beach lover I truly care for the water. And being on a Caribbean island at this time on various beaches I was struck by how clear the water was. Even the fish were happy to swim around.

I was so impressed… until I went to a hotel area using their beach. Smaller beaches with lots of tourists. And very apparently lots of sun lotions and oils. Even the sand felt slightly sticky. And as I had a swim my skin too felt itchy and uncomfortable.

It was a good reminder to consider what we put on our skin. Even what products we wash our hair with, our clothes in and our dishes.

We make choices all the time.

How do you choose what skin care you use? Your cleaning products? Anything that eventually will end up in our oceans?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about plastic beads used in cosmetic such as face and body scrubs. What are your beads made of?

Here is one of my recommendations of real natural beauty… Non of the scrubs (body, face, hand or foot) from Neal’s Yard Remedies have ever contained plastic beads. You can have a look at their collection of organic, cruelty free, vegetarian and environmental products through my shop page here.